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He works on Indian philosophy by philological method. His research area is Sanskrit texts, in particular, works of philosophy, theology, religion and Mimamsa hermeneutics, including Buddhist logic as well. He has been working as a specialist on Mimamsa, i.e. Indian hermenautics: collecting Sanskrit manuscripts inside and outside India, editing texts based on original Indic manuscripts, reconstructing the history of Indian philosophy, and investigating Indian thoughts. His main concern is Indian epistemology and logic, linguistic philosophy, and the notion of God and conflict among religious traditions.

1. Kei Kataoka,Kumarila on Truth, Omniscience, and Killing. Part 1: A Critical Edition of Mimamsa-Slokavarttika ad 1.1.2 (Codanasutra). Part 2: An Annotated Translation of Mimamsa-Slokavarttika ad 1.1.2 (Codanasutra). ,Verlag der Osterreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften. ,97 + 627 pages. ,2011.06.
2. The Theory of Ritual Action in Mimamsa: Critical Edition and Annotated Japanese Translation of Sabarabhasya and Tantravarttika ad 2.1.1-4.

1. Kei Kataoka,A Critical Edition of Kasika and Slokavarrttika apoha vv. 2-94,The Memoirs of Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia,Vol.167,2015.03.
2. Kei Kataoka,Dharmottara’s Theory of Apoha,Journal of Indological Studies,Vol.24&25,2014.03.
3. Kei Kataoka,Dignaga, Kumarila and Dharmakirti on the Potential Problem of pramana and phala having Different objects. ,Journal of Indian Philosophy,Vol.42,No.4,2014.10.
4. Kei Kataoka,Sucaritamisra’s Critique of Apoha: A Critical Edition of Kasika ad Slokavarttika apoha v.1.,東洋文化研究所紀要,2014.03.
5. Kei Kataoka,A Critical Edition of Bhatta Jayanta’s Nyayakalika (Part 1),The Memoirs of Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia,Vol.163,2013.03.


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