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I reseach the comparative study of state formation process in East Asia. And I research the origin of bronses in China and the spread of early agriculture in North-Easten Asia through the field work in China and Russian Far East. I also reseach cultural interaction of prehistoric times between southern Korea and northern Kyushu of Japan through the excavation at Iki or Tsushim Island.

1.Kazuo MIYAMOTO,The Emergence and Chronology of Early Bronzes on the Eastern Rim of the Tibetan Plateau,BAR International Series 2679,2014.11.
2.The origin and the development process of bronze bells in Earlitou culture of China.
3.Kazuo MIYAMOTO,Human Dispersal in the Prehistoric Era in East Asia,2014.03.
4.Acculturation and regional relationship focused on the burial system in the transitional time between Jomon and Yayoi.
5.The Beginning and Development of the “Lelang” pottery: focused on the Flowerpot form pottery.
6.The Chronology of Bronzes in the western Sichuan province and the western Yunnan province of China.


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