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I started my career as an architect and involved in varies building projects as a designer, architectural engineer, project architect as well as a project manager for twelve years before completing my doctorate in urban and regional planning. My experience as an architect and urban planning researcher has enabled me to learn about various aspects of the urban built environment. I give urban planning and urban design lectures and conduct domestic and overseas urban design workshops. My lectures are mainly conducted in the English language as a part of the Faculty’s international masters and doctoral courses. My classes focus mainly on recent planning and urban design practice worldwide, with a particular emphasis on the challenges involved in creating a livable and sustainable built environment.

In my doctoral research, I developed a mathematical computer simulation model to predict the future spatial form of rapidly growing cities. This research required knowledge in a wide range of topics and subjects that are crucial to understanding urban growth process and its temporal and spatial dynamics. In my current ongoing research project, I am planning to measure the urban expansion process in South and Southeast Asian cities. The major objective of this research is to understand the urban expansion process in the context of urban activities, economic growth and urban governance. This study is trying to develop new ideas about urban expansion in rapidly growing cities.
My other research interests are urban planning evaluation systems and developing simulation models to measure and forecast urban activity centers.


Contact Information

  • Position Title: Associate Professor
  • E-mail address: prasanna@arch.kyushu-u.ac.jp

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