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Research: We can consider social and economic bilateral relationships such as employment, housing contracts, and marriages, as ‘partnerships’. I study the stability of partnerships in the search-theoretic framework, and explore its implications on the macroeconomic and labor market issues.

Teaching: I organaize and manage the JTW program, for which I regularly teach Japanese Economy and the modern history of Japan. I also supervise the Independent Study Projects (ISP) of the JTW students.

For all the courses that I’ve taught in JTW, please refer to this link http://homepage3.nifty.com/ronten/JTWhome.htm

Social Contribution: I occasionally participate in some policy research groups funded by the government.

1.Ryoichi Imai,Stagnation and Technological Progress,九州大学留学生センター紀要,No.22,2015.03
2.Ryoichi Imai,Middlemen and Resale,Search Theory Conferenceで報告。,2012.03
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4.Ryoichi Imai,A Search Model of the Resale Market,Search Theory Workshop (Osaka and New York), Workshop on Macroeconomic Dynamics, Free University of Amsterdam, 東京大学で報告。,2010.07


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