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I research the contemporary history of education in Chinese societies (mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong), with a particular focus on the role of schools and other public institutions (e.g. museums) in political socialization. I also conduct comparative research on portrayals of foreign ‘Others’, through schooling and other media, in the societies of East Asia, and have recently been involved in coordinating a project looking at portrayals of Japan in other East Asian societies. I teach a broad range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses related to Comparative and International Education – including a postgraduate seminar on China’s education system. I am also involved in the Asia Joint Degree Project run by Tohoku University, of which I am an external auditor.

Key publications:


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  4. Edward Vickers, Alisa Jones,History Education and National Identity in East Asia,New York and London,2005.09.
  5. Edward Vickers,In Search of An Identity: The Politics of History as a School Subject in Hong Kong, 1960s-2005,Hong Kong,2005.09.

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