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I am basically interested in religiosity working within a secular society. I pursue this theme by doing research from the viewpoint of Cultural Anthropology on religions and religious phenomena in the Dai and Han society in Dehong Dai and Jimpo Autonomous Prefedture in Yunnan Province, China. Current research topics are about Guan-Yin cult among the Dai, Sacred places as tourist spots, and the transition of policies and views about religions in China. I also study a traditional puppetry in Imazu, Fukuoka, by doing folkloric research. I teach freshmen in Kadaikyogaku seminar, and give a lecture on East Asian Culture.

1. The Pagodas in Natural Scenery: On Tourism Development of Religious Spots in Dehong, Yunnan.
2. NAGATANI Chiyoko,The Appearance of ‘Religious Culture’: from the Viewpoint of Tourism and Everyday Life in Dehong, Yunnan,Senri Ethnological Studies 76: Tourism and Glocalization–Perspectives on East Asian Societies,No.76,pp.39-54,2010.06. .


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