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I study 20th century Japanese history, specializing in the history of the Japanese empire. In particular, I research Japanese education policies in colonial Korea, 1905-1945, and in the puppet state of Manchukuo from 1932 to 1945. I came to Kyushu University in 2010 as a Global 30 faculty member of what is now called the Graduate School of Integrated Sciences for Global Society. We are an interdisciplinary graduate school, offering a wide variety of courses in humanities, social studies, and the hard sciences. I have responsibilities towards building the International Master’s and Doctoral Programs. These programs offer non-Japanese students the opportunity to obtain graduate degrees at Kyushu University using English as their main language of instruction. For graduate students, I teach seminars on Modern Japanese history (one in English and one in Japanese), and participate in three team-taught seminars on Japanese and East Asian history. I am from the United States, I previously taught at the University of North Texas. First steps towards assimilation: Japanese-run education in Korea, 1905-1910”. Acta Koreana, Dec. 2015. The Word is Mightier than the Throne: Bucking colonial education trends in Manchukuo.” Journal of Asian Studies. 68:3, Aug. 2009.


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