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Comparative Studies of Politics and Administration in Asia

(taught Masters programme):

An interdisciplinary programme examining the modern Asian experience of nation-building, and the political challenges this has posed for Asian societies at the local, national and transnational levels.

Website: http://www.law.kyushu-u.ac.jp/programsinenglish/cspaprogram.htm

The International Masters Programme in Japanese Humanities

A unique interdisciplinary programme that offers core courses in English, while allowing students also to take optional courses taught in Japanese from amongst those taught in the regular graduate school. While available courses range across various periods and themes in Japanese history, the emphasis is on the pre-modern era.

Website: http://www2.lit.kyushu-u.ac.jp/en/impjh/

Japan in Today’s World

An exciting undergraduate-level programme in Japanese studies. With the consent of course tutors, a number of the courses are available to students with an acceptable level of English who are studying on other programmes within the university.

Website: http://www.isc.kyushu-u.ac.jp/jtw/

Asia in Today’s World

A popular undergraduate-level summer programme, ATW offers courses in Asian Studies and the Japanese language, as well as the opportunity to study in the pleasant city of Fukuoka with a diverse group of students from around Asia and elsewhere.

Website: http://www.isc.kyushu-u.ac.jp/atw/

International Masters/Doctoral Courses in Sustainable Architecture and Urban Systems

The development of low-carbon, resource-efficient buildings and urban centers is becoming extremely important against the background of the ever-increasing consumption of natural resources. Our Master’s and Doctoral courses provide students with opportunities to develop the advanced knowledge and skills required to find innovative solutions to these needs. Our courses consist of urban and architectural design workshops and construction training classes to improve the professional skills of our students. With our diverse resources, we offer unique research opportunities in architectural design, building environment, structural mechanics, urban design, regional planning and disaster management. These courses will collaborate with major universities in Asia and the UN-HABITAT Fukuoka office in developing a new curriculum. We believe that students of these courses will play an active role as leaders in global sustainability.

Website: http://www.hues.kyushu-u.ac.jp/english/

Faculty of Agriculture – international programmes:

Kyushu University’s large and prestigious Agriculture Faculty boasts extensive links with societies throughout Asia, from where it recruits many of its students. 

  • International Development Research Course (M.Sc)
  • International Development Research Course (Ph.D.)

These Courses -first introduced in 1994- are among the first English language programs offered by Kyushu University. We have designed the curricula to be especially suited to the needs of students from developing countries who aspire to contribute to global sustainable development. All of our five Departments offer both Master’s and Doctoral Programs, except Innovative Science & Technology for Bio-industry, which admits Doctoral candidates only. Upon admission, students are assigned to one of our Departments. One of our major strengths is the range of scholarship opportunities which we offer. For candidates interested in pursuing a Master’s degree, government-funded Human Resource Development scholarship (JDS) is available, and currently more than ten JDS scholars (from Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Lao-PDR) study with us. Since 2010, we have also started offering Asian Development Bank-Japan Scholarships (ADB-JSP). This financial aid, together with MEXT Scholarships, should enable talented students from developing countries to have privileged access to the high quality education and research that we offer.

For more information on courses available in English, visit the website:


Faculty of Economics – international programmes

  • International Master’s Program in Economics (IMPE)
  • International Doctoral Program in Economics (IDPE)

The programs revolve around the study of three areas: Economic System Analysis, Economic Analysis and Policy, and Mathematical and Computer Sciences. Our Master’s Program is characterized by small classes, a wide and well-balanced array of general and specialized subjects (e.g., Advanced Econometrics, Financial Economics, Public Finance, Environmental Economics, Public Economics, and Industrial Organization), and close supervision of thesis writing. In addition to taking specialized subjects at a more advanced level, our Doctoral students take part in research workshops organized by eminent specialists, both within and outside the University. They are also provided with opportunities to participate in research projects conducted by the Department. In addition, they have opportunities to present the outcomes of their research at academic conferences and publish them as discussion papers. After being awarded graduate degrees, students are expected to take up positions in universities, research institutes, private firms, etc.

For more information on courses available in English, visit the website:


Faculty of Engineering – international programmes:

Our world-leading Engineering Faculty collaborates with institutes and enterprises throughout Asia, and recruits students widely from across Asia and beyond. For more information on courses available in English, see the website:


For information on the many other Asia-related courses available at Kyudai, search the Programmes menu on this website!

Or visit the page ‘Degree Programmes in English’ on the main university website: http://www.isc.kyushu-u.ac.jp/g30/programs-g.html


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