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The War Memoryscapes in Asia Partnership (WARMAP)

An international research network coordinated by Dr. Mark Frost and Dr. Daniel Schumacher at the University of Essex (UK),  Kyushu University is a key partner in the WARMAP network. WARMAP links researchers in Asia, Europe, Australia and elsewhere who share an interest in the international politics of war heritage in contemporary Asia. Funded by the Leverhulme Trust (UK), the network encourages collaborative research in this field, and related publications are already in preparation. Other key WARMAP partners are Deakin University, The National University of Singapore, the University of Wageningen and Academia Sinica (Taiwan).


The WARMAP partnership will soon (within 2016) be launching a new website featuring a number of online resources.


Annual Symposia on Ageing and Old-Age in the Asia-Pacific

An international network dedicated to research into issues of ageing in the Asia-Pacific region, in which Kyushu University’s Dr. Masa Higo is a key partner. The second Annual Symposium on Ageing and Old-Age in the Asia-Pacific is due to be held at Mahidol University, Bangkok, from June 30-July 2, 2016.



The Comparative Education Society of Asia

With its Secretariat at Kyushu University, CESA is an association of educational scholars, throughout Asia and beyond, engaged in the comparative study of educational systems, traditions and practices. It was created in 1991 with the aim of promoting Comparative Education as a scholarly field across Asia, and lending more prominence to Asian voices in educational debate worldwide. With these ends in view, CESA holds biennial conferences in various Asian locations – including, to date, China, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and the Philippines. Whenever possible, CESA attempts to identify venues in countries which seldom have the opportunity to host major international education conferences, and that therefore stand to gain especially from the opportunity to interact with international scholars that CESA’s conferences provide. CESA is a member of the World Congress of Comparative Education Societies (WCCES), in which its representatives play an active role. It’s next biennial conference will be held in Cambodia (Siem Reap) in 2018.

President: Prof. Liu Baocun, Beijing Normal University

Secretary-General: Dr. Edward Vickers, Kyushu University

website: http://www.ces-asia.jp


For more details of Kyushu University’s many partnerships in Asia, please visit the website of our International Affairs Department:




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