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Speaker: Heidi Biseth, University College of Southeast Norway

Venue: Education Department Meeting Room (教育学部会議室)
Date: October 13 (Thursday)
Time: 17:00-19:00

Education systems in any country aim to install specific values and virtues in their (future) citizens. Increasing globalization and internationalization influence how education policies are articulated at a national level and implemented at local levels. Teachers have to operate in the junction of these powers and interests. They are provided the mandate of education of children and youth that will have to juggle even further complex societies and labor markets in the future. Multilayered citizenship signals a need for increased knowledge about local, national and global perspectives on society, and developing competencies in handling the multifaceted world in which citizen will have to operate. In my speech I will address some core ideas and dilemmas in this intersection, and particularly discuss how this may influence teacher education and the role of teacher educators when operating in such a complex state of affairs.

Heidi Biseth is Associate Professor in the Department of Human Rights, Religion and Social Sciences of the University College of Southeast Norway. She works on on democracy, human rights, citizenship and multiculturalism in relation to education and teacher education, in low-income as well as high-income countries. She is currently a visiting professor at the Graduate School of Education of Hiroshima University.


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