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4th  IMAP  in  Japanese  Humanities  Symposium  on  Pre-­‐Modern  Japanese  Culture   Religion  and  Imagination  in  Japanese  Contexts  

December  7–December  10,  2016

Kyushu  University,  Faculty  of  Humanities   (locations  provided  below)
The  following  guests  are  funded  by  Kyushu  University’s  World  Premier  International Researcher Invitation  Program   (“Progress  100”):

D.  Max  Moerman,  Professor,  Department  of  Asian  and Middle  Eastern  Cultures,  Columbia  University,  Barnard   College

Fabio  Rambelli,  Professor  of Japanese  Religions  and  ISF  Endowed  Chair  of  Shinto  Studies,  Department  of  East   Asian  Languages  and  Cultural  Studies,  Department  of  Religious  Studies  University  of  California,  Santa  Barbara

Brian  Ruppert,  Associate  Professor,  Department  of  East  Asian  Languages  and  Cultures  and  Department  of   Religion,  University  of  Illinois  at  Urbana-­‐Champaign

We  are  grateful  for  the  participation  of:

Chari  Pradel,  Professor,  California  State  Polytechnic  University  at  Pomona

Kyushu  University  Tokutei  Project  visiting  scholar  Elisabetta  Porcu,  Capetown  University

Kyushu  University  JSPS  Postdoctoral  Fellow  (2016–2018)  Dr.  Lindsey  DeWitt

Kyushu  University  visiting  scholar  Ugo  Dessi,  Leipzig  University

International  Master’s  Program  /  International  Doctorate  in  Japanese  Humanities  (IMAP/IDOC) in  the  Graduate  School  of  Humanities  at  Kyushu  University  faculty  organizers: Professors Cynthea  J.  Bogel  and  Ellen  Van  Goethem


December  7,  2016  

Morning:  Humanities  Building,  4th  floor,  Conference  Room

Afternoon:  Research  Building  1,  2nd  floor,  Conference  Room

9:30–11:30   Brian  Ruppert   “Buddhist  Manuscript  Culture  and  Mobility:  Sacred  Works  (聖教)  and  Networking  Monks  in  Medieval   Japan”

11:30–12:45   Lunch  Break

12:30–13:30   Chari  Pradel   “The  Tenjukoku  Shūchō  and  Afterlife  Beliefs  in  Seventh-­‐Century  Japan”

13:45–14:45   Cynthea  Bogel   “Cosmology  in  Relief:  The  Eighth-­‐Century  Pedestal  at  Yakushiji,  Nara”

15:00–16:30   “The  Munakata  Shrine,  Ōshima  and  Okinoshima”   Roundtable  discussion  with  students  and  faculty     Chair:  Lindsey  DeWitt     December  8,  2016   Humanities  Building,  4th  floor,  Conference  Room

9:30–11:00   Fabio  Rambelli   “The  Imagination  of  India  in  Premodern  Japan”   Discussion

11:00–11:15   Tea  Break

11:15–12:45   D.  Max  Moerman   “India  in  the  Japanese  Cartographic  Imagination”   Discussion
12:45–14:00   Lunch  Break

14:00–15:30   D.  Max  Moerman   “Buddhist  Astronomy  and  the  Epistemology  of  Vision”   Discussion

15:45–17:15   Fabio  Rambelli   “Sada  Kaiseki  and  the  Demise  of  Buddhist  Astronomy”   Discussion


December  9,  2016  

9:00–19:00   Bus  excursion  to  Munakata  shrine  (Hetsumiya),  Miyajidake  shrine,  and  Ōshima       (limited  seating)

For  further  information,  please  contact  cjbogel@lit.kyushu-­‐u.ac.jp

Download printable details here.


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