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In today’s globalized world, it is rare to find a country which does not belong to any international or regional organization. It is also rare to find a national decision or a policy free from international context. In this context, the governing System of a nation state is transforming itself toward a more multi-leveled structure whether institutionalized or not. A good example of an institutionalized multi-level governance is found in the EU system.

The purpose of this course is to gain;
1. Better understanding of a concept of “multi-level governance”
2. Acquire a theoretical framework of multi-level govermance
3. A basic understanding of the EU system
4. A skill of presentation in public


** This course is part of the Comparative Studies of Politics and Administration in Asia CSPA programme offered by Law Faculty of Kyushu University. For more information please contact Jiro HASUMI.


Course Information

  • Course Location: Hakozaki Campus
  • Course Delivery: CSPA Programme
  • Next Course Intake: Spring Semester
  • Contacts: Machiko HACHIYA

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