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** This course is part of the Comparative Studies of Politics and Administration in Asia CSPA programme offered by Law Faculty of Kyushu University. For more information please contact Jiro HASUMI.

This course is to examine the nature of Japanese politics and its contemporary public policies in a critical way. The key question of this course would be: (1) how Japan has constructed a stable democracy in East Asia and the third largest economy in the world, and (2) what are the challenges with its democracy and civil society. This is a joint class with the Politics Seminar of the Undergraduate School of Law. You can, therefore, have a chance to listen to the voice of Japanese students.

Students taking this course are expected:
• To acquire knowledge and understanding of various areas of contemporary Japanese politics and public policy.
• To be able to critically examine the major debates on Japanese politics.
• To make clear presentation and write an academic essay on a topic relevant to Japanese politics.

1. Introduction
2. Modern Political History
3. The Constitution
4. Prime Minister, Diet and Bureaucracy
5. Election and Participation
6. Local Government and Civil Society
7. Political Ideology
8. Political Culture
9. Economic Policy and Welfare Policy
10. Education Policy
11. Immigration Policy
12. Defence Policy
13. International Relations



Course Information

  • Course Location: Hakozaki Campus
  • Course Delivery: CSPA Programme
  • Next Course Intake: Spring Semester
  • Contacts: Jiro HASUMI

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