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This is an introductory-level course on the sociology of globalization with special focus on the interplay between Japan and globalization. An overarching goal of this course is to introduce, primarily from a sociological perspective, contemporary Japan in the context of modern globalization, which characterizes the world economy, culture, politics, and environment today.

In this course, students will first learn a variety of basic sociological approaches (e.g., concepts, theories, perspectives, etc.) to understanding meanings, historical stages, and various dimensions of globalization. This course then helps students apply these approaches to examine the ways in which Japan has contributed to facilitating, and how it has been affected by, modern globalization. Specific topics include the interplay between Japan and economic inequalities, popular culture, environmental changes, technological advancement, health, and security at a global scale.



Course Information

  • Course Delivery: JTW core course
  • Course Duration: fifteen-week course
  • Next Course Intake: Fall-Winter
  • Contacts: Masateru Higo higo.masateru.644@m.kyushu-u.ac.jp

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