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This undergraduate level course offers an introduction to the most imortant aspects of Japan’s role in East Asia, focusing on her evolving relations with main actors in the region such as the U.S., China , Russia and the two Koreas. The goal is to explain the historical development of these relationships. In order to elucidate the ”what”,”when”and ”how” of Japan’s evolving relations with the above countries, this course draws upon research in the fields of international relations and international political economy, providing a theoretical and contextual framework for understanding the events under discussion. This is not a course on contemporary events, although contemporary issues and the post-Cold War global environment will be seriously considered.



Course Information

  • Course Location: Ito Campus
  • Next Course Intake: 2nd semester of autumn semester
  • Contacts: Hong Pyo Lee hplee@law.kyushu-u.ac.jp 092-642-4455

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