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I will discuss Energy on economical meanings. It will include the fossil energy (Oil, Coal and Natural Gas), Nuclear Energy and the Renewable Energy (Hydro-power, Geo-thermal, Solar-power, wind power, Bio-mass energy and so on) as primary energy. As the secondary energy we are depending on electricity, oil products, town gas, in our daily life. I will discuss on those energy too.
I will also review the outline of Global environmental Issue and introduce past Nuclear power policies in Japan, and introduce Renewable Energy as well as future energy. Lastly, I will discuss the problems between Energy, Economics and Population.

1. Fundamental knowledge of Energy economics.
2. Relationship between Economy and Energy .
3. Environmental Issue = Global Climate change and CO2 emission.
4. Present energy situation of each countries
5. Prospecting middle of 21st century – using simple model
6. Summing up == Future Energy and happiness of the world people
*Visiting Energy related facilities in our local area (ex. Nuclear Power station in Saga-pref.).

** This course is part of the Comparative Studies of Politics and Administration in Asia CSPA programme offered by Law Faculty of Kyushu University. For more information please contact Jiro HASUMI.



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  • Course Location: Hakozaki Campus
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