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This course introduces and defines popular culture through basic theories and ideas of consumer, commercial, economic, political and media/advertising cultures. The interconnection of these concepts forms a method of examining contemporary Japanese popular culture (JPC). The inter-relationship among these concepts to themes in contemporary Japanese popular culture (JPC) is explored through current scholarly articles including Japanese, other non-Western and Western scholarship.

As this Japan-based content is for a diverse group of JTW international students, the syllabus is flexible and includes student-generated themes and presentations. Objectives for students are to examine a theme of JPC from their experience and/or interest through the concept of the basic theories and do an in-class presentation. Students will become aware of JPC beyond the entertainment arena toward a critical social perspective.



Course Information

  • Course Location: Hakozaki Campus
  • Next Course Intake: 1st semester of spring semester
  • Contacts: NAKAMURA Tamah

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