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This course is about the sociology of aging and the life course with a special focus on contemporary Japan. This course aims to facilitate students’ understanding of contemporary Japanese society and culture through the lens of aging and the life course: important sociological factors shaping our daily life experiences across society, culture, and history.

As a sociological course, this course surveys the process and impact of aging both at individual and population levels in contemporary Japan society and culture. This course examines the ways in which Japanese society and culture shape individuals’ experiences of growing older over the life course and of intergenerational relations in daily lives. This course also introduces how population aging has reshaped the structure of the life course in Japanese society and culture. In this course students also learn, albeit preliminarily, some uniqueness of aging and the life course in the context of Japanese society and culture from cross-national and global perspectives.



Course Information

  • Course Delivery: JTW core course
  • Course Duration: fifteen-week course
  • Next Course Intake: Fall-Winter
  • Contacts: Masateru Higo higo.masateru.644@m.kyushu-u.ac.jp

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