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Kyushu University’s strong historical ties to Asia are being further reinforced by our current push to internationalise taught programmes and research activities. Kyushu University was selected in 2014 by the Ministry of Education (Monkasho) as one of only thirteen flagship universities (the only one in Western Japan) tasked with leading efforts to internationalise Japanese higher education. Enhancing our Asia-related expertise, and our collaborative relationships with partners across the Asia-Pacific region, is central to our international strategy.

Whereas we have long played host to students and scholars from the Asian mainland, today we also emphasise the crucial importance of encouraging more of our Japanese students to learn about other Asian societies. With this end in view, we are seeking to build stronger reciprocal partnerships with universities across the Asia-Pacific, and to send more of our own students to the region on overseas exchanges.

The priority we attach to Asia in our plans for internationalization is informed not just by ambitions to drive up our ranking in higher education ‘league tables’, but more fundamentally by our sense of the crucial importance of Asia in today’s world, and of promoting mutual understanding amongst Asian societies.


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